About Us

Trusting that gratified clients are the measure of our fame and success, Lausanne Travel focuses best on the finest details of your preferences when crafting majestic and captivating journeys to inspiring destinations. With a world class experience, the attentive assistance of our team, coupled with a myriad of thoughtful touches, renders every vacation a special occasion and every trip a special emotion.

Connecting all your travel needs and being committed to unequalled excellence in performance, we employ a wealth of resources and invest efforts in the selection of the very finest luxury travel experiences. We strictly ensure an uncompromised level of service aiming at spicing up your vacation with an infusion of a unique flavor while surrounded in pure comfort.

Come see the beauty of the world and harvest your dreams. At Lausanne Travel you will find the expertise you need. The service you deserve, and an advice that works!


To provide you with authentic immersive experiences that help arouse your appetite to savor travel fervent ecstasies and cherish lifelong fascinating memories.


Perfecting travel by crafting expertly-designed exceptional vacations filled with inspiring life-enriching experiences. Committed to deliver sustainable excellence in performance, we perceive our success as defined by our clients' satisfaction whom we thrive to pamper with pure comfort all along.


  • Integrity, reliability, and fairness: Under-promise. Over-deliver.
  • Readiness: Prompt, proactive, and careful.
  • Speed: Respond rapidly to urgencies and deadlines.
  • Quality: Excellence of quality with premium value enhances performance.
  • Diversity: Travel is a school that expands our capacity for wonder, joy and appreciation of the amazing diversity on our lovely planet.
  • Competent teamwork: Attentive assistance of our qualified team.
  • Individuality: Unique itineraries crafted to your individual interests and desires, with attention to details.

Why Lausanne Travel & Tourism

  1. A management that differentiates itself by creating world-class travel programs, integrating in-depth knowledge and technology to deliver unsurpassed value with a myriad of thoughtful touches and personal service culture that our clients trust and respect.
  2. The extensive quality control measures that we apply are constantly checked and maintained to ensure the highest levels of serviceability.
  3. We are courteous assistance oriented and do realize that speed of response and attention to detail are of crucial importance to our clients.
  4. We pride ourselves on excellence offering diverse array of hassle-free travel services of high quality.
  5. On top of a guaranteed low price, we provide useful inside information, the security of reliable customer support, and control over details that make your trip smooth, efficient, and truly great.
  6. We help you create exceptional travel experiences quenching your thirst for the uncommon and satisfying your quest for thrill.

Our Team

Enjoying extensive knowledge, richly educated, highly dedicated, and amply experienced travel experts, who incessantly receive constant refining of their superior skills ensuring the most contenting attendance that infuses your passion for travel.